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Path Notes

Apr 22, 2018

Co-host Erika Brooke and I speak with her transgender Aunt, Rachael Jones, about her evolution from male to female.  Stay tuned for Rachael's podcast, Rachael's CafĂ©: Serving Food For Thought.

Apr 15, 2018

George and Amanda O'Dell are competitive Ninja Warriors based on the south side of Indianapolis.  They tell us about their training, facility, community,  and most importantly, their family.  

Apr 7, 2018

Chris Atkins is a Personal Trainer with a wealth of knowledge in many methods.  He gives his story, views and message that will help people find the right mode of exercise for them and give ideas to experienced trainers to help them expand their ways. 

Apr 6, 2018

Erin did her Yoga Teacher Training in India at World Peace Yoga School.  She tells us about her journey in India and Yoga, and how we can benefit from practice.