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Path Notes

Mar 25, 2018

Lisa and Audrey are Yoga instructors with a lot of great experience.  They tell us about their journey into and through Yoga and how it can help everyone.  

Mar 25, 2018

Erin Wigger is a gymnastics coach and bee keeper.  She tells us about bees and their importance to us and other animals, and the dangers of a toxic environment.  

Mar 23, 2018

Todd Scheidt is the owner of Awaken, a personal training studio near downtown Indianapolis. He is a StrongFirst Kettlebell Instructor, and is proficient in many methods of strength and conditioning.  He gives us his story and message on the paths of training.

Mar 18, 2018

Amos Rodriguez is a Cultural Mentor, entrepreneur, and student of art and anthropology. Coming from El Salvador, he gives his views on socioeconomic issues concerning the USA and all of mankind, as well as Native practices such as Sweat Lodges that can help people wake up.  

Mar 17, 2018

Richie is a 4th degree black belt in Karate, and has a lot of experience in other styles of martial arts.  He gives his views on the best training methods in martial arts and fitness training, including Crossfit, for martial...