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Path Notes

Dec 29, 2018

I take a look into the past, present, and future from my current Vista Point in this episode. I read a few poems and lyrics from songs, and more.

Dec 21, 2018

I talk about our human nature and the Earth. I read a few song's lyrics and poems, and explore how we are through personal stories.

Dec 13, 2018

I talk about some experiences driving a cab, Ram Dass, and connecting with our Hearts. I read some Rumi, Kabir, and other interesting writings.

Dec 8, 2018

Coffee is a way to connect. I talk about an old tv show, The Rifleman, getting attacked by a swarm of yellow jackets deep in the woods, and connecting with other times, people, and places.

Dec 3, 2018

Kaighla Um Dayo is an American Muslim that survived an abusive marriage abroad. She shares her story and the lessons that she gleaned from her experience.